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Thread: (edited) : (6) free to watch online, political documentaries, of aproximately (15-25) political documentaries, that a certain group of Americans, really should see. (edited)

  1. #1 (edited) : (6) free to watch online, political documentaries, of aproximately (15-25) political documentaries, that a certain group of Americans, really should see. (edited) 
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    I happened to get dish satalite tv around (5) years ago, and these (2) tv channels, called Freespeach and Link Tv.
    These (2) tv channels have showed about 15 to 25 political documentaries, that every American really needs to see.

    Green party like people have known about these things for 15+ years, but the rest of us, dont even know about these things, unless we have Freespeech and Link Tv.

    I learned from a documentary called "fear and favor in the news room" that the CEO's that run Americas TV and radio stations, do (not) allow documentary's (or talk) like this, on their news broadcasts. Documentary's like these are literally not allowed on regular American TV, because of a complex web of corporate control, of our government and news media.

    The kinds of infomation, in these documentaries is (not) in regular Americans culture, because regular American cultures tv, newspaper, and radio broadcasts, do not allow infomation like this on their newsbroadcasts.

    These documentaries are a few years old, and have (huge) amounts of individual subjects. There may be 1 or 2+ parts in them (as a group of 6) that are un-founded, and (maybe) 1 or 2+ theorys (in all 6) that did not come true.

    But there are many high ranking US government officials in them, respected scientists, and upper-level news journalists in them. ex.ex.ex.

    The following are links to (some) of these documentaries.


    The above documentary is years old, and things have become much worse today. But it shows the roots of these problems. It shows how reporters are not allowed to do stories about the large corporations, that control our media and government.


    Orwell Rolls In His Grave | Watch Free Documentary Online

    The above documentary at around 7 minutes in, gets informative. A former 60 minutes producer and college proffesors ex. ex. really start to speak. The plot of this documentary in a way, is around a book called 1984, but there are many high ranking Americans in this documentary. If you dont like this one, try skipping parts of it, this documentary has many different subjects. A human being made this documentary, and he has a 100 separate ideas (perhaps he made a few mistakes.)

    The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror | Watch Free Documentary Online

    Everyone should watch this documentary.
    In the above documentary there is a oil projection figure in the begining, that seems to me, to have been made inaccurate with the pasage of time. But their is a (LT. COL. USAF.) and many other high ranking American officials, that speak about things (((not))) allowed on regular American news broadcasts.

    Uncovered: The War On Iraq | Watch Free Documentary Online

    In this above documentary, their is a large group of high ranking US government, US military, and US CIA officials.

    AIPAC: The Israeli Lobby | Watch Free Documentary Online

    This above link is from , and called "The Israeli Lobby." It shows the inner workings of Washington, and how money and lobby's can make American politicians move like puppets. A (small) part of it is in foreign sub-titles, but still its a great documentary.

    Watch The World According to Monsanto Documentary Online Free

    The above link is from , it shows "The World According to Monsanto." I have only seen parts of it, but it plays a lot on Freespeech/ Link TV. I know this documentary gets many people (very) upset with Americas government and corporations.

    Watch The Billionaires’ Tea Party Documentary Online Free

    The above link is also from , it shows the documentary "The Billionaires Tea Party" , this is one of my favorate newer political documentarys. This documentary showed (me) many, many, many things.

    (NOTE: Bellow this is another link to the documentary "The Billionaires Tea Party" , from website , its also on youtube.

    The Billionaires

    Other documentaries,

    "The Best Government Money Can Buy."

    I believe there are about 7 other relevant documentaries, if I think of their names I will post them here.

    If you related to these documentaries, you may also like the following sources as well.

    book- " Crimes Against Nature" Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. - This book contains mind blowing coruption. OUTSTANDING BOOK!!!
    Criss Hedges speach "calling all rebels"

    There are around (20-30) (+ or -) of these documentarys. I hope one day I will research, and add more of these documentaries to this list.

    The following are a few, free infomation sources I can think of.

    On FreespeechTV and LinkTV's websites there ((may)) be infomation that you may like.

    "Thom Hartmann." He may be on youtube. Or you may be able to watch him on his personal website.

    Then theres Bernie Sanders. Some great things Bernie Sanders says may be on youtube, and his website may have good info. as well.

    Criss Hedges may also be on youtube as well, I really enjoyed his "calling all rebels" speach.

    website "citizens for tax justice". At this website I would recomend looking at "GW Bushs tax cuts" and "flat tax/ fair tax"

    I apologize for not having more sources listed, I hope to add to this list someday.

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