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Thread: Merged Resources is it possible?

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    we all know that the thing that is holding the world back is the selfishness of the goverments and corruption of officials but is there a way where even if that is there they can put up with each other just for a few years in order to enhance the world? because right now the world is in danger of over population and polution.
    the idea is for all the goverments to work together and either progress in finding a alternate energy source by putting the worlds best minds together with all the funding they need or on Astro-biology (making it so we can live on other planets this would start something massive)
    i want to know any ones veiws on this because it would be a step in a good direction other than starting a war for more resurces (bad idea) and losing loads on people that could of done allot for the world

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    In spite of the fact that many governments are corrupt, the world is already moving towards the desired outcome.

    Population growth rates are falling, and the United Nations predicts average fertility will be 2.0 by the year 2050. That is a level less than replacement rate. United Nations Population Information Network (POPIN)
    In spite of this, total population will reach 10 billion. (Actually, somewhere between 6 and 16 billion, but with the highest probability about 10 billion). This is mostly due to gains in health and longevity, meaning death rates have also fallen.

    Rates of pollution in the western word are falling, and less developed nations like China are working hard to catch up. The terrible acid rain in Europe a few decades back is now history. All developed nations have a version of the Clean Air Act, and the Clean Water Act, making the worst pollution illegal. We have a way to go yet, but much progress has been made.

    Even levels of violence are falling.

    Enormous effort is being made to find alternative energy sources, and I could list a dozen different approaches without referring to references.

    There is no need for anything drastic to achieve those goals - merely continued pressure and support for efforts already under way.

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