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Thread: The concept of Political Power.

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    In my humble opinion, the concept of political power, exists in the mind only, since, power governs even the entity which exercises the power. If this be the case, then power is separate from the government, from the law courts, etc, and is separate from any identity to do with human identity.
    For example, the governors of a corporate body, make decisions, but they are under the laws of the land. Similarly, governments make decisions, but they are under the laws of the land, too. The government does not exercise power, rather, it is the concept of government, upheld by law, which exercises power. The concept of government, is further bound under the law, and the law is bound by it's own conditionalities. Power is above government, above law, and, perhaps theoretically, stands apart, just as an individual is seen to be a unique identity. If the law was not bound under a greater power, where would the sanction of law exist? If Government was not bound under a greater power, where would the government exist?
    If my assumption is true, then no one wields power, and power stands alone. Power is undermined, when institutions believe that they wield power, and not that power wields them. England, today, is a democracy, when in the past, the Monarch was the ruler. Obviously, the Monarch was incompatible to the higher power. Democracy will be endangered, when political parties believe, that they wield power, and not, that power wields them

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