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    In need of some assistance with this question. "Explain the conceptual and practical utility (ies) of the perspectives in international relations discussed by your professor for understanding the international politics of the Middle East. " Thank you in advance.

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    We cant answer because we dont know the content of your professor's discussion.

    I can only rephrase that question if its any help.

    Your professor discussed international relations;
    a)Does this disscussion help you understand politics in the middle east?
    b)Can this disscussion help make a practical decision about the middle east?

    (Side note: Imo reality is sometimes complex nuanced and multidimensional, but sometimes its easier to understand with a given perspective or specific reference, but by doing so we also taint/limit/skew our understanding by simplifying or overestimating the implications of the selected perspective and underestimating other aspects (the "when all you have is a hammer you tend to see all problems as a nail" syndrome). Ex: if you take religion as a reference, youll probably pre-selects aspects where it plays a role and overestimate religions role in these, while limiting/missing the focus on aspects more related to anther perpective(ex:colonialism, or economics, oil, etc) and the influence of these other perspective on what you do focus on.)

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