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    Do most of you feel that politics have gotten in the way of American growth ?
    The battle between the Dem and Rep. parties trying to out do each other
    on making political science they are losen America.
    There are a lot of stuff to be fixed in America. Someone once said there a right way of doing thing and a wrong way of fixing thing.
    Obama once said doing something is better then doing better but if your making things worse then better . Then we'er better off waiting for a better plan that works.

    I do not thing Government of both parties knows what there doing or knows what going on in America to do anything except bark at one another what do you think ?

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    Terry Arceneaux
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    I agree with you. I think that Democrats AND Republicans both focus way too much on bashing each other instead of what they will do for us. All of the campaign ads on television are based on slandering the other candidates name and they don't get into the reasons why voting for them would be a better alternative. Then, when they do their campaign speeches, they make promises that are obviously never going to come true.

    One of the recent things that I found really stupid was when they decided to package the D.R.E.A.M. act and "Dont ask, Dont tell" among other things together and expect it to get passed. What if im in favor of the D.R.E.A.M. act and against "Dont ask, Dont tell"? Then I am forced to vote against the whole thing.

    That example is a bit off topic but that is the kind of thing that I think doesn't allow things to get done. To get things done, Dems and Repubs have to work together, which they wont.

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