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Thread: Justice & Utilitarianism?

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    What do you think is justice?

    I've asked Presidential Pardon which waives the conviction;
    I've asked Plea bargaining which makes criminal's less guilty;
    I was about to ask Truth Reconciliation Commission which could bolster war criminals.

    It seems all of them are trying to give in a little bit to exchange something bigger for the whole society....

    So...bad luck for families been dismantled by people like Mar Rich, because they are "too big too fail" ?
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    I don't think "justice" is the goal. The goal is to put a deterrent in place that makes people afraid to commit crimes, not satisfy the victim's sense of "fairness".

    So long as war criminals are afraid their buddies might rat them out in order to avoid taking the fall for the various attrocities they commit, we can expect there will be fewer atrocities committed in the future. The past is here and gone. You just have to let it go. The future is the only thing worth fighting, killing, or wasting the court's time over.

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