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Thread: At last a prison thats really tough on crime

  1. #1 At last a prison thats really tough on crime 
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    When I saw this I thought I'd be having a laugh with reactionary/conservative minded fellows

    One of the comments I enjoyed was

    "Sound like a resort to me. If I were homeless or broke, I would do everything possible to end up in this place.

    "Rehabilitation" of a criminal = no such thing"
    Many americans are broke because of medical bills which is a non issue with UHC, many americans with psycological problems dont get treatment and end up as homeless on the streets or end up in prisons, imo people in progressive countries are often not hit as hard by recessions because the safety nets allow people to keep spending in the local economy for basics which helps the people and also helps the economy, plus we can guess virtually no one(relatively speaking) forgoes education for not being able to afforad it. The standard of living and quality of life is generally speaking better in scandinavian countries than in North America, I was shocked by how much more free time for myself friends and family I had when I worked in western europe(its probably the same in norway/finland.etc) than I had while working in the US or Canada. If life is good, you have access to health care, education, have no worries about loosing your job because you'll get another and in the meantime your ok, if society focuses on preventing crimes(theres less crime) and finding root causes and solutions, maybe that prison sucks in comparison while still being able to help you deal with whatever problems you had outside prison. If "criminals" were "criminals" because they are "criminals" and born to be a criminal, then the environment, social and economic situation should not have any effect on the number of criminals, but this is proven wrong, criminality is very different from social-condition to social-condition, and even in a given culturesocial environment can even fluctuate in accordance with economic conditions. That a criminal cant be reabilitated in a cut-throat dog-eat-dog every-man-for-himself environment does not mean that in another environment crimnals cant be.


    On the other hand the opposite can happen, someone used to a more progressive society and perspective may think that a progressive policy is the way to go in another country, and even if the policy may be of merit in general it might not be ideal to apply it in a different environement when everything else remains the same non-progressive way(ex: perhaps that prison might not be such a great idea in a wild-west mad-max Somalia-like-libertarian-paradise dog-eat-dog when-things-get-rough-the-weak-get-screwed society ).

    (a little bit like the movie black robe, about a missionary that in the end allows a tribe of native americans to see that christian non vilolence and love-thy neighbor is the best way to go, only except the entire environment had not changed and was still brutal in the movie the tribe is said to have vanished because they were attacked by another tribe that saw their lack of savagery as a sign of weakness and thus opened the door to attacks)

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    I do have worked with US and Canada people but never have got so intact points as by reading your post and that image.. hmmm.. wonder i to stay on this forum for more time.. lol

    hello friends, I enjoy reading, walking, outdoor team sports, alternative medicine and listening to music.
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    It would be interesting to examine what you're describing against the rise in criminal behavior in places like Ukraine and Russia after the fall of communism. They suddenly had a lot of freedoms, and the potential to amass personal wealth, but the people also lost a lot of safety nets. It might not be a fair comparison, since their economies were also really bad at that point.

    Was it really the sudden lack of oppressive secret police that lead to the rise in crime levels, or the sudden loss of the social guarantees?
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