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Thread: Income Tax = Death Knell to Organized Crime

  1. #1 Income Tax = Death Knell to Organized Crime 
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    I think quite a lot about why the US seems to be able to handle low level corruption so much better than a lot of other countries, and I'm starting to think this really is the answer: we have an income tax. The rise of the income tax in the USA very much seems to correlate with the fall of the Mafia and other groups.

    Crime just really isn't very prestigious when you know you can't go around flaunting all the wealth you just made. You can buy nice cars, so long as you pay cash, but you really can't get a good retirement fund going, because who's going to hold your money for you? You can't put it in a bank.

    However, there's a hole in this theory. Italy has an income tax, and apparently the Mafia runs most of the country. Why is that? How is that possible? How do they manage to hide their income so well? Do they pay off the Italian IRS? Do they intimidate bankers into participating? (I've heard of the Russian mob doing this.) .... or is the theory an income tax killing off crime just plain flawed?

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    Flawed, in a way Yes, because Intelligence agencies are allowed to smuggle drugs and avoid/are above the law in various ways while bankers launder money like there is no tomorrow since the sixties at the request of the state department, so intelligence agencies, bankers, organized crime, corporations and government are all different sides/aspects/facades of the same blob, or various stands of spagetti that are all intertwined.

    Are you against dicators? Yes if hes not part of the blob, no if hes one of yours(plays ball/puppet/etc).
    Are you against drug kinpins? Yes if there not of the body, no if hes one of yours.
    Are you against Money Laundering Bankers, not if hes one of yours.

    Which South American country has a NAFTA free trade status? Columbia(Cocaine)
    What happen to opium production once Nato invaded Afhganistan? It sky rocketed.

    An Emperor is the same as a pirate but has the power to conceal his crimes, make them legal or make them glorious. If you kill one person you are a killer, if you kill several people you are a serial killer, if you kill hundreds of thousands you are a decorated general/a war president/nobel peace prize president/etc :P

    Maybe its all coincidences and anecdotes, maybe J Edgar Hoover was right when he said something like there is no Mafia?

    you know you can't go around flaunting all the wealth you just made
    Yes you can, you launder the money, then buy a business, now you are a business man.

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