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Thread: New system of economics solves poverty around the world

  1. #1 New system of economics solves poverty around the world 
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    I have thought of a new economic system. No communism, no kapitalism, but Leonism. Read it:

    The world is ours!!

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    7. The worldstate must gather all current millionaires and pay them only to expand their
    companies all over the world. The so called statemillionaires are a sellective group that
    only do business within their group to fund expanding their companies, so no money
    leaks to the working man who is forced to keep on working.
    Sounds a lot like Communism, except the "states millionaires" part is an innovation I don't think the communists ever thought of. It sounds like, basically, you're taking the people who are wealthy right now, and giving them high ranks in the new communist system.

    4. We must freeze the prices around the world and set them forever on an acceptable level.
    That is because salesmen cannot rise their prices no more to prevent that this new system
    will fail. Item 6 is the reason of freezing the prices by the state. Different products still will
    have different prices, acceptable for the consumer and salesmen.
    Got to be careful about this one. Even in communist states, it doesn't always work out. Joseph Stalin tried artificially lowering food prices while the USSR's main breadbasket, the Ukraine, was undergoing a famine. In order to maintain those low food prices, he ended up having to force Ukrainian farmers to starve on their own land, while growing food for everyone else. (They were required to sell the food to the state at a super low price, and then buy it back at a higher price they couldn't afford to pay, before they could eat any of it.)

    On the other hand, the US government regulates utility prices, and that doesn't seem to hurt the economy. It works as long as the government is reasonable about it, and allows the price to fluctuate with the cost of resources.

    8. The worldgovernment has all possible recourses and all possible industries to produce the
    resources into all possible endproducts.
    Raw materials will still be scarce, and there will still be shortages. Everyone thinks those evil corporations are "holding out on us", because it happens sometimes, but most of the time the shortages are caused by too many people wanting access to a resource that mother nature doesn't have enough of.

    Nobody wants to blame the consumer, so it's easy to try and blame the middle man, but the middle man is just the messenger.

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