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Thread: Coleman concedes. Franken wins MN Senate seat.

  1. #1 Coleman concedes. Franken wins MN Senate seat. 
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    8 months after election day, the race is finally over. Democrats now have a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

    Thoughts and reflections?

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    In retrospect: maybe the Republicans shouldn't have screwed up so badly if they wanted to keep a foot hold. They've made a few cardinal mistakes.

    1)- Don't go around labeling Americans "traitor" if they disagree with you.

    2)- Don't start unpopular wars, unless you've got a really really good strategy as to how you're going to close them quickly and efficiently. (If you have to lie or make loose interpretations of evidence in order to start it, then it probably won't be very popular in the long run. )

    3)- Don't screw with America's image of itself. (Don't hold up a buffoon as representing the ideal rural American, or screw with Americans' ideals on things like torture.)

    I'm sure they're trying to put the past behind them, but you can't expect the voters' sympathies to turn on a dime.

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