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Thread: Congratulations on Obama's victory

  1. #1 Congratulations on Obama's victory 
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    Change was the buzz word, and hope is now tangible around the world

    I'm wondering if all the proto-fascist "Executive Orders" that Bush wrote are still active(after Obama takes office) unless repealed or are they automatically nullified by a new President taing office?

    I'm looking forward to see if the US will

    - Renounce to; torture, secret detention, wire tap, etc
    - End the embargo on Cuba
    - Release all Pentagon flight 77 crash video footage
    - Allow all of congress to review the secretive COG plans
    - Recover the Billions from the bailout that wall steet banks plan to use for bonuses and for corporate raid and make these available to homeowners and business that need short term credit for operating

    It might be wishfull thinking, but what the heck! :wink:

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