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Thread: Labour Day 2008: Do you take part at the Labour Day Events?

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    Labour Day 2008: Do you take part at the Labour Day Events? Which?

    Labour Day 2008 (first Monday of September) is a memorial day. We are
    remembering depressed by the defeat of the National Socialism 70 years ago, depressed in view of the proliferating right-wing extremism and the alarming election trends of young citizens.
    With this memorial we hope to give a new thought to make us wide-awake and to
    enable us to recognize and designate the real danger: the everyday fine right-wing
    extremism of the nice people in suit and tie from next door. For our daily politics this means: Who is making the new National Socialism fit for society? Who is carrying up the humus soil where the right extreme seed can sprout? And how can we remove this humus under their soles?

    Labour Day 2008 is also an opportunity for democratic Socialists look back and
    pose once more the question of the responsibility of the society. In practically all
    countries which had to be in the national socialist sphere of influence, the true historical picture has been deleted since 1945 by a partial amnesia: One ignored to a large extent what did not fit into the picture of the victim role or the heroic resistance. And this default takes revenge today.

    Do you take part at the Labour Day Events, too? Which?


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    I am not aware of the September celebration you call Labour Day. In Many European countries we celebrate May the first as Labour Day. I have heard of the US holiday called Labor Day: they never could get the spelling or the timing right in most things.

    Now more seriously: the defeat or National Socialism seventy years ago. Please tell me this isn't going to develop into an apology for Hitler.

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    yes, labor day is very important for every labor man
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