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    Just a simple idea here. Imagine that we travel away from the Earth at 0.99c. But face it, if we had a telescope that zoomed in on focus with say a particular area, would we still more or less see the Earths time as standing still? Because even though light is passing us at 1c that light still has the distance to travel from the Earth to us, therefore wouldn't that make time go slower? Is it actually possible that if we managed to get to say the Andromeda galaxy, very little time would have passed relativley? And to that effect we travel back to Earth after that, would time pass faster or slower?

    I've been out of the loop on relativity for a while and am just wondering if this theory makes any sense, as much as travelling to the Andromeda galaxy and back at 0.99c with a brilliant telescope compared to our experience of that, can be.

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    The distances between the earth and the ship going 0.99% of C are smaller due to the effect that your speed has on not only your perception of time, but also its effect on your perception of space.

    Also, you are only going "0.99% of C" in regards to the fact that this speed is in relation to the space-time of earth, not in the space-time you are experiencing in relation to the light.

    From your perspective, you are standing still in relation to the speed of light, going 0 x C, you have not gained any speed, light is still travelling to and from you at 1 x C, and the planet earth is leaving you at "0.99% of C" in relation to your perception of space-time.

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    If we take earth and Some place(in andromeda galaxy) as point distances. It is just the speed that is imp. For 1c we will burp off into energy and at .99c it is just the distance which counts.

    For if u travel in space at 2,50,000 km/s and at earth at 0.1km/s,
    the distance traveled in 1 sec
    at earth: 0.1 km
    at space: 2,50,000 km.
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