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    G Bubble Burst / Universal Event Condensed Into Mass--- Chapter 8 of Popularized Version

    Zhang zhiqiang / ID:210211195801073173

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    Feeding Back Theory of the Universe (FBTU) is a newly developed space time theory which unifies all physical units onto 5 dimensions of space and 5 dimensions of time of the universe , and figure out space time structure for almost physical units including vacuum unit and information unit . Having established an unique space time analysis method so called STC analysistechnique , therefore this theory has reshuffled physics and cosmology in terms of fundamental physical concepts breakthrough . Sticking to well self-explained logically and well compatible with well established fundamental physics principles , FBTU yields such considerable and stunning calculating results and conclusions that perfectly match all observation datum available in both physics , astronomy and cosmology . More importantly , this theory turns up every corner of the universe and exhibits all things happened in past of the universe in terms of their space time structure and their physical effect exerted onto substantiated world we live. Such as :
    Essential Physical Initative :

    Basic physical process of operation of the universe is that of G bubble creation and burst .

    The universe condense all events happened within every universal moment into a standard

    mass ( gauge mass) , or mass is consists of vacuum and information ,

    that is , Mass = (Vacuum) × (Information)

    Math-Physical Expression :
    kg = [|G|m^3][s^-2]

    More importantly , this theory enable us to deal quantitatively with and give essential explanations to those fundamental questions even not involved in physics and cosmology so far , such as , Where do things happed in the past go ? What kind of forms they shape at present ? What are relations between events happened in the past and the substantiated universe ? etc .


    My beloved reader , have you ever imaged where have the event of just now you are reading title of this paper gone ? . This event happened just now has become past thing , then where does it go ?

    The event ? gone , certainly become void , you may think .

    If I tell you that all thing happened in the past have not vanished and still existed in the universe , could you believe in that?

    We will do , if you can prove it by scientific means flanked by circumstantial evidences of observations and experimental datum , readers replied collectively.

    Can you even settle such challenging question ? Reader asked .

    Are you kidding ? Fanfare totally! Surprised the reader .

    In history of physics , there was an theoretical physicist Mr. Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac . It was him who at first proposed an idea of mass being created from vacuum . This guy was especially good at theoretical know how , and almost become an idol of logical deduction in physics . Also it was him who predicted theoretically existence of anti particle . But at that age , he doomed to give strictly demonstration to this amazing idea , given physical definition for both vacuum and information were then totally in the air , so how can he weave this fabric of the idea elaborated ?
    The Nobel Prize in Physics 1933
    "for the discovery of new productive forms of atomic theory"

    Erwin Schrödinger , 1/2 of the prize ,
    Austria , Berlin University
    Berlin, Germany
    b. 1887 , d. 1961

    Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac , 1/2 of the prize , United Kingdom
    University of Cambridge
    Cambridge, United Kingdom
    b. 1902 , d. 1984

    Another truly remarkable guy was Mr. James Clerk Maxwell . The biggest value of his life was to having demonstrated to next generation how formidable might theoretical conduction really has . Maxwell Equations he established was one of the most exquisite thing in the world , and even today it is worshiped as noble treasure by physicists . Psychological impact upon people is a sort of feeling and experience of such deep-penetrated and such intensity-pounded capacity exerted by human’s thinking and make people really believe that theory does can fully depict objective reality in complete and perfect match up .

    His full name is James Clerk Maxwell , b. 1831 d. 1879 .

    Then , could FBTU settle quantitatively such challenging questions ?

    Far beyond my imagination , STC analysis has such gigantic power that does can really propose and answer such question incredible . Universal event every so often happens in a way totally unimaginable . From this article on , some physical concepts and physical principles are to be introduced step by step , and calculations and demonstrations are to be presented accordingly , explanations and illustrations are to be served , all of which finally overwhelmingly overpower your dear readers believing in following facts :

    All things happened in the past do not vanish and have been wholly preserved by the universe , well preserved even a tiny bit ; These preserved things have condensed into all masses in substantiate world , at same time an observer being state of vacuum , he could be able seeing all these things happening ; Information of all these things constitutes an information array relative to vacuum , and can be depicted in an equation called Information Equation of the Universe ; Every thing happened or to be happened has its own space time structure , therefore constitute structure of substances ; Information of past events have been transmitted into a special space time realm called past world , its STC of |M(G)|∑s (j,j-1)^-2; Physical properties of this past world varies from time being gone by , and its status quo are :
    Space dimension ; 3.112241454545454…e-67 m
    Equivalent mass ; 4.1965455212138920…e-40 kg
    Radiation temperature in vacuum (CMBR ) :2.7359999999999996…K
    Frequency of its each of 10 dimensional space time : 5.7057759999999999...e+9 Hz ;
    Wavelength of its each of 10 dimensional space time:5.25782996037699... cm ,
    Electric current intensity in vacuum : 25.4264196335611192... mA .
    ………… , and so on .

    Interacting with vacuum , this past world yields the substantiated universe we live , possessing such physical properties as :
    Total mass (including dark matter): = 4.2315167338906745…e+53 kg
    Radius = 3.1381767999999997…e+26 m ,
    Age = 3.3170311178758666…e+10 years ,
    Average mass density = 3.2687013208516523…e-27 kg / m^3
    …………, and so on .

    Calling this past world as SPIRITS OF THE UNIVERSE .

    Tell the story beginning from operational mechanism of the universe .
    See full text at :
    G Bubble Burst / Universal Event Condensed Into Mass

    Thanks for your reading .

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