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    Equivalent Mass / Unified Expression for Elementary Interactions
    --- Chapter 7 of Popularized Version

    Zhang zhiqiang / ID:210211195801073173
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    Feeding Back Theory of the Universe (FBTU) is a newly developed space time theory which unifies all physical units onto 5 dimensions of space and 5 dimensions of time of the universe , and figure out space time structure for almost physical units including vacuum unit and information unit . Having established an unique space time analysis method so called STC analysistechnique , therefore this theory has reshuffled physics and cosmology in terms of fundamental physical concepts breakthrough . Sticking to well self-explained logically and well compatible with well established fundamental physics principles , FBTU yields such considerable and stunning calculating results and conclusions that perfectly match all observation datum available in both physics , astronomy and cosmology . More importantly , this theory turns up every corner of the universe and exhibits all things happened in past of the universe in terms of their space time structure and their physical effect exerted onto substantiated world we live.
    Such as :
    Essential Physical initiatives :
    For any specific elementary interaction , there would exists corresponding equivalent masses . While this sort of elementary interaction is essentially gravitational ones under this equivalent masses .
    Math-Physical Expression :
    E(1,2) = G ζ(1) ζ(2) / r
    here , ζ(1) and ζ(2) represents equivalent masses of interacting bodies .

    More importantly , this theory enable us to deal quantitatively with and give essential explanations to those fundamental questions even not involved in physics and cosmology so far , such as , Where do things happed in the past go ? What kind of forms they shape at present ? What are relations between events happened in the past and the substantiated universe ? etc .

    Equivalent Mass

    Mr. Elbert Einstein almost become symbolic idol of science in public . He are more famous than Mr.Isaac Newton . Why he get such popular admiration from whole society ? because it was him who led human being changing their viewpoint regarding the universe and space time dramatically , made people have a jump on the road of perceiving the nature , despite pace of the jump was not giant . Before Special Relativity and General Relativity , people viewed the universe in a manner outlined in The elements written by Euclid of Alexandria around 300 BC which mainly deemed flat space and even consumed time , a standard Euclid’s viewpoint of space time .At beginning of 20 century , Mr.Einstein stood up bravely and said no to this mantra . He declared the space is curved . Is it real ? Scientists turned his theory every corner up , from top of head to tip of toe thoroughly and found that his theory was well self-explained logically and did not contradicted with well established fundamental principle in physics , therefore if conclusions derived from his theory could be verified by experimental datum and astronomical observations , that would certainly convince everyone believing in truth of the theory .
    What was results of observations obtained then ?
    Without any discrepancies compared with conclusions of the theory !
    No more to say anything . So whole world shown their respect to him :
    Your magnificent Mr.Einstein , what do you need ? Anything available for you , This whole world is willing to serve for you .
    But as a scientist , being honest and austere , Mr.Einstein depended on slender income earned from 21th Nobel Prize in Physics for his life and continued his adventure of life toward an ultimate goal set by himself --- Unified Field Theory.
    Contemporary scientists at that time had a dream of relegating all elementary interactions into one formula by which all these interactions would be as a results of an derivatives from the formula .
    The substantial world is diversified , interactions between objects exhibit themselves in different way , why to unify them ? Was this motivation reasonable in line with objective reality ? Objective reality does not varies with anyone’s willingness . Nevertheless , maybe all these elementary interactions are indeed coming from one physical mechanism underlying of the universe , you could not rule this possibility out at 100 percent . From 1920s , headed by Mr.Einstein , human initiated an ambitious enterprise fo unification in physics . This mission was too huge , too big to bear , In Apr.18 , 1955 , the great man had finally falled and had his rest forever . At the moment of his gone , obviously in deep side of his eye , a slice of regret shed out that seems saying where does it go wrong ? Everyone feel sad whenever thinking of this episode .
    But as intrinsic nature of human being , people always confront with himself in pursuing truth of the nature and never say giving up . In early morning on the next day , physicists scour off blood stained on their clothes , buried corpse of their companion , continuously marched toward the aimed goal while holding their grievous tears back .
    But the mission has been not accomplished after 52 years long dated back from that day .

    The Nobel Prize in Physics 1921
    "for his services to Theoretical Physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect"

    Albert Einstein
    Germany and Switzerland
    Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut (now Max-Planck-Institut) für Physik Berlin, Germany
    b. 1879(in Ulm, Germany)d. 1955

    Given Feeding Back Theory is developed based on reform about fundamental concepts in physics , can it play some significant role in this grand enterprise ?
    Boasted once possessing an superweapon ? Now try it .
    See full text at :
    Equivalent Mass / Unified Expression for Elementary

    Thanks for your reading .

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