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Thread: TEM replica preparation

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    When performing TEM on tissue samples, our group prepares a thin (1-2 microns) platinum replica to examine (2 mm in diameter). In this process, after spraying carbon for structural support, we dissolve the tissue from the replica by inserting it into bleach. When we remove the replica from the bleach and place it in DI water for cleansing, the surface tension of the water fractures it. Our group would greatly appreciate any advice to add avoid this fracturing.

    One idea we have is to use a mesh screening to add structural support.

    Another idea is to slowing drain the bleach from the petree dish until the replica sits on a soft, structurally strong surface. Then, add a dissolvable medium (maybe a gel) to add structural support upon entering the DI water. Lastly, drain the DI water slowly.

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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