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    Hy people, I'd have a request for a science project in my physics class. The "challenge" is that we need 2 make a very durable and stable soap bubble. Now I rly haven't the slightest idea of how 2 make such a thing, but I'm guessing that it should involve some glycerin...just have no idea on how much, and what other ingredients are recommended.

    Appreciate all the help you guys can supply.


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    Do you know how to use Google? Ask someone to show you how.
    Then key in "long lasting soap bubble."

    Read what others have done, then come back here with your further questions.

    Also, please don't use "2" when you really mean "to." This is a Physics forum!


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    Glycerine is the key ingredient to stop your bubble from bursting!

    The mixture is usually made in these proportions, but experiment depending on the sort of detergent you get.

    # 100mls detergent (washing up liquid one that makes good bubbles, so don't pick a cheap make)
    # 900mls of water (distilled water is best!)
    # 50mls Glycerol (get it easily from the chemist)

    You can make huge bubbles if you get a bucket of mix and bend a wire coat hanger to shape!

    Have fun
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