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    Up to now , human have little knowledges about informaton in terms of its strict definition physically and mathematically . Only an man-made definition about information quantity (bit) is available , despite of whether this definition objectively match up with reality or not . There is one thing certain that definitions for information and information unit have never been strictly defined and therefore verified by human being .

    From basic physical mechanism of evolution of the universe that is , G bubble creation and burst process ,which was previously introduced in this section of the forum at : .
    or you can visit a paper of
    G Bubble Burst / Universal Event Condensed Into Massat : , we know that along with every G bubble G(i) burst , the universe generates one infromation unit which represent information of all events in the universe happend within the universal moment . This information unit has space time structure of
    s(i,i-1)^-2 ,
    that is , mimus 2 dimensional time with its subscript of (i , i-1) . Making use of CMB observation data (2.736K) , we can calculate total numbers of information units generated by the universe , it equal to 7.7577806787995700...e+60 .
    If we define s^-2 as general information unit , then the universe at present has information quantity of
    7.7577806787995700...e+60 s^-2 .
    Refer to : CMBR / Information Modulus of the Universe
    at :

    While what kind of shape is information ?

    As previously said , the vacuum was consumed by information generating masses of the universe . the universe can be expressed mathematically in terms of vacuum and infromation units . This claim can be demonstrated by an information equation of the universe which is deduced from physical process of G bubble creation and burst.
    Refer to : Constitution of the Universe / Information Equation of the Universe (1)
    at :

    From this information equation of the universe , we can easily peg down space time structure of information as :

    ∏p(l) s(k,k-1)^-2
    here , p(l) is coefficient .

    We see an information is mathematically product of information units with different subscripts .

    Who does believe these definitions for information , information unit and information quantity ?
    Can you prove them in line with observations ?

    Yes , I do .
    From these definitions , we can find an formula by which all physical properties of the universe can be calculated out .
    This formula is so called General Physical Property Equation of the Universe . The point of the equation is whichsoever of physical properties of the universe is just ramification of information quantity of the universe , that is , by information modulus of the universe , these physical properties can be calculated out .
    for most primary physical properties of the universe , we can figure them out by following formula :

    an physical properties value of the universe = informaiton modulus of the universe multiply G gauge of physical unit for this physical property value. that is ,
    A(U) = n A(G) .
    here , A(U) represents an physical property value of the univere ; n represents information modulus of the universe at present universal moment , it equals 7.7577806787995700...e+60 ; A(G) represents G gauge of physical unit concerned as previously said , G gauge is contantly equal to 1 in value .

    See demonstration process at :
    General Physical Property Equation of the Universe / Magic of Information Modulus of the Universe (1)

    From perfect match up with observations from these calculations results , I am convined those definitions about informaton are correct objectively .

    Of course , this confident is solidated by another fact :
    there exist an information entity which contain information of all evets happend in the past of the universe , and one of its physical properties is CMB radiation observed. Also all calculation results demonstrate that this informtion entity interacting with vacuum produce the substntiated and materizlized universe in which we live .
    See demonstration process to this claim at :

    Soul of the Universe / Past World (1)

    Spirit of the Universe and the Materialized Universe

    You can get an full picture about FBTU at :
    Feeding Back Theory of the Universee

    Popularized Version of FBTU (1)---(19)

    ∑G(k) = (Va)|M(G)| ∑s (k,k-1)^-2
    subscript is 0 , superscript is i .

    Definition of information

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