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    Mass Law / Final Demonstration to 1979’s Inspiration

    --- Chapter 6 of Popularized Version

    Zhang zhiqiang / ID:210211195801073173

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    Feeding Back Theory of the Universe (FBTU) is a newly developed space
    time theory which unifies all physical units onto 5 dimensions of space
    and 5 dimensions of time of the universe , and figure out space time
    structure for almost physical units including vacuum unit and information
    unit . Having established an unique space time analysis method so called
    STC analysistechnique , therefore this theory has reshuffled physics and
    cosmology in terms of fundamental physical concepts breakthrough .
    Sticking to well self-explained logically and well compatible with well
    established fundamental physics principles , FBTU yields such
    considerable and stunning calculating results and conclusions that
    perfectly match all observation datum available in both physics ,
    astronomy and cosmology . More importantly , this theory turns up every
    corner of the universe and exhibits all things happened in past of the
    universe in terms of their space time structure and their physical effect
    exerted onto substantiated world we live. Such as :

    Essential Physical initiatives

    Mass of any object in the universe is equal to sum of energies fed back from all other objects divided by square of speed of light . This is so called Mass Law .

    Mass-Physical Expression :

    m(⊙) = ∑E(j, ⊙) / c^2

    More importantly , this theory enable us to deal quantitatively with and
    give essential explanations to those fundamental questions even not
    involved in physics and cosmology so far , such as , Where do things
    happed in the past go ? What kind of forms they shape at present ? What
    are relations between events happened in the past and the substantiated
    universe ? etc .

    Mass Low

    It was someday in Mar.,2005 when I trimmed my personal belongings ,
    I happened to see those three papers I kept 18 years ago , my nose
    vellicated and eyes welled tears ! I had experienced so much in my life
    over past 18 years accompanied with painful bitterness , hardship , as
    well as splendid and happiness . But these feeling now fade away as time
    goes by , they can not move me again , saying nothing of let me shed
    tears . So many years passed , these papers can still make me so
    moved , this made me shocked then . These stuff are categorically alive !

    From that day on , I again began to think about that old conundrum ,
    how can I fully prove the mass low ?

    This time , God reach his hand and lend me a divine sword --- STC
    analysistechnique .

    With help of might of this superweapon , to complete this demonstration
    is so easy like catching a tortoise in a vase . Process of the demonstration
    is such simplified and beautified ones as follow:


    See full text at :

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