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    Completable Space Time / Elementary Physical Constant
    -----Chapter 3 of Popularized Version

    Zhang zhiqiang / ID:210211195801073173
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    Feeding Back Theory of the Universe (FBTU) is a newly developed space time theory which unifies all physical units onto 5 dimensions of space and 5 dimensions of time of the universe , and figure out space time structure for almost physical units including vacuum unit and information unit . Having established an unique space time analysis method so called STC analysistechnique , therefore this theory has reshuffled physics and cosmology in terms of fundamental physical concepts breakthrough . Sticking to well self-explained logically and well compatible with well established fundamental physics principles , FBTU yields such considerable and stunning calculating results and conclusions that perfectly match all observation datum available in both physics , astronomy and cosmology . More importantly , this theory turns up every corner of the universe and exhibits all things happened in past of the universe in terms of their space time structure and their physical effect exerted onto substantiated world we live.
    Such as :
    Essential Physical initiatives
    Supposed an physical quantity as A =|A|dimA = |A|Bm^a s^-b,if STV(A) = 1 , then calling the physical quantity as completable space time , abbreviated as CST . Some most basic physical constants in physics belong to completable space time .
    Math-physical Expression
    To physical unit of an physical quantity dimA = Bm^a s^-b , there would exist an elementary physical constant C(c) in nature , and
    C(c) = ( 1 / STV(dimA) ) dimA.
    (Completable Physical Constant Theorem)
    More importantly , this theory enable us to deal quantitatively with and give essential explanations to those fundamental questions even not involved in physics and cosmology so far , such as , Where do things happed in the past go ? What kind of forms they shape at present ? What are relations between events happened in the past and the substantiated universe ? etc .

    Completable Space Time (CST)

    Mentioned in Chapter 2 that :
    G = h = c = k(B) = G gauge =1
    By this conclusion , some fundamental physical law and heorem could change their shape , for instance , gravitational Low could be changed into F = STV( M(1) M(2) / r^2) N(G) .
    How can this correct ?
    You can convince in the next chapter of STC Analysis / Default Theorem that calculating result by such transformed gravitational low is same from original ones . Also such transformed ones is more virtual to match real physical process occurring in nature . As for other physical low or theorem , situation is same by removal of such completable hysical constants involved during calculation

    This assertion is too challenging and provocative , now the author must answer following questions :
    1 , which physical constants the assertion include .
    2 , Present full demonstration or calculation process in detail .
    According to author’s calculation , these physical constants include but not limited gravitational constant , Planck constant , Speed of light constant , Boltzmann constant , Avogadro constant , product of permeability and permittivity , of course all G gauges .

    Calculation Process

    See full text at :

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