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Thread: An Introduction to Gravity Modification - the book

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    It is finally done. A theory backed by experiments on what gravity is and how gravity can be modified. The summary of my research is as follows:

    1. Force is a non-inertia field. The macro forces, gravity, electromagnetic force, and all mechanical forces, obey non-inertia fields exactly. This is a major step forward towards unification of forces, as gravity is included.

    2. A review of published experimental data shows that a particle’s probability distribution is not Gaussian, but a new distribution (not one of the 37 known distributions) that under certain conditions is a Gamma distribution.

    3. Gravity modification consists of two parts, field modulation and field vectoring. The non-inertia field is the way to effect both modulation and vectoring, using electromagnetic fields.

    4. Approaches are suggested for interstellar travel (consistent with Special Theory of Relativity) and spectrum independent electromagnetic cloaking as new technologies of the future.

    The book 'An Introduction to Gravity Modification' (Universal Publishers, 03/01/2008, $29.95) is now available on, and in 14 other countries.

    If you have read the book I would be interested in your comments.

    Author of 'An Introduction to Gravity Modification: A Guide to Using Laithwaite's and Podkletnov's Experiments and the Physics of Forces for Empirical Results'
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    Quote Originally Posted by bts

    If you have read the book I would be interested in your comments.
    Why don't you tell us all about it?

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