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    Axiom of Physics --- G Gauge
    ---Chapter 1 of Popularized Version

    Zhang zhiqiang / ID:210211195801073173
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    Feeding Back Theory of the Universe (FBTU) is a newly developed space time theory which unifies all physical units onto 5 dimensions of space and 5 dimensions of time of the universe , and figure out space time structure for almost physical units including vacuum unit and information unit . Having established an unique space time analysis method so called STC analysistechnique , therefore this theory has reshuffled physics and cosmology in terms of fundamental physical concepts breakthrough . Sticking to well self-explained logically and well compatible with well established fundamental physics principles , FBTU yields such considerable and stunning calculating results and conclusions that perfectly match all observation datum available in both physics , astronomy and cosmology . More importantly , this theory turns up every corner of the universe and exhibits all things happened in past of the universe in terms of their space time structure and their physical effect exerted onto substantiated world we live.Such as :

    Essential Physical initiatives
    For every physical unit dimA , in nature there would exist an objective reality A(G) whose value is constantly equal to 1 . Called it as G guage of this physical unit .

    Math-Physical Expression
    A(G)= | A(G)| dimA ≡ 1 ;
    or STV(dimA) = 1 / | A(G)|
    here | A(G)| is modulus of A(G)

    More importantly , this theory enable us to deal quantitatively with and give essential explanations to those fundamental questions even not involved in physics and cosmology so far , such as , Where do things happed in the past go ? What kind of forms they shape at present ? What are relations between events happened in the past and the substantiated universe ? etc .

    G Guage

    Everyone knows that mankind has discovered so many know how in nature and described them by certain law and theorem in natural science . With regard to some theoretical frontal questions in natural science , experimental physicists , theoretical physicists and cosmologists have been endeavoring to design new experiment , establish new physical theory in an attempt to unify all theories at hand and transcend over them to get ultimate conclusion about these questions .
    All these efforts performs upon an common ground which was laid by identified physical units by which to observe , measure and establish mathematical model of either assumed or authenticated physical equations . Academic society is mercy and tolerant to different viewpoint and arguments over these academic hotspots , while no one has not had doubt or worrisome about safety of this common ground , never had !.
    But something goes wrong at somewhere exactly this common ground lays. It is new discovery furbishing the common ground that lead to birth of STC analysistechnique and make us able to substantially unify and reshuffle physics and really quantify cosmology.
    It is common sense that physical unit classify as basic unit and derived unit which is foundation for our comprehending the nature .

    There are seven basic physical units in total so far , they are :
    1 , Length unit : meter (m )
    2 ,Time unit ; second (s )
    3 ,Mass unit : kilogram ( kg)
    4 ,Thermodynamic temperature unit : Kelvin (K )
    5 ,Electric current unit : Ampere ( A)
    6 ,Substance amount unit : Mol ( mol)
    7 ,Luminous intensity unit : Candela ( cd)

    There are at least 100 more derived physical unit out there , for instance :
    1 ,Area unit : square meter (m^2 )
    2 ,Volume unit : Cubic meter ( m^3)
    3 ,Energy unit : Joule (J = kg m^2 s^-2)
    4 ,Force unit : Newton (N = kg m s^-2)
    5 ,Angular momentum : J = kg m^2 s^-1
    6 ,Electric quantity : Coulomb ( C = A s )
    7 ,Magnetic flux : Weber (Wb = kg m^2 s^-2 A^-1)

    But there are two mysterious guys unknown so far from all knowledge and research achievements made by mankind in natural science , they are vacuum unit and information unit . Of course , these two guys have not unveiled themselves unitl FBTU come into being .

    All kinds of physical theory with their own characteristics and style perform on a same stage built by all physical units . New theory , old ones , both combined ones showcase themselves alternatively . No matter what they shows , only can they exhibit on the stage which is still incomplete .More than half century has passed , always the same stuff performed and repeated again and again , so little fresh ones added , the audience is getting more and more dampened and tired . Even through , mission of scientists has not accomplished yet , so many most elementary questions about the nature has not been answered . When can we get the answer ? Can our generation see it ?

    Now we flare an idea if all physical units , both basic unit and derived unit , can identically and exclusively expressed in a manner of space , time and an coefficient combined , and such expression are also objectively their existence forms , then both existence structure and expressional forms of these physical units can finally unify . There would be no obstacle and barriers between them , exactly essence of these physical units naked out there .That all physical law and theorem can reshuffled based on these updated units would reveal themselves more essentially , their physical meaning would become more clear and more easier to comprehend . This is equivalent to emerge these law and theorem in nature instead of an artificially-built performance stage , that is , these law and theorem directly display them in natural phenomena , they were .originally integrity .

    What excellent idea ! But never forget that these physical units are objectively reality , they do not vary with anyone’s arbitrary willingness , unless such willingness just accidentally make its way to these physical units’ home .
    Is there possible to get to the home coincidently ?
    To get the answer , we must go back to theories in physics we have had .
    What for to go there ?
    Fossick !
    Huge treasure of gold and silver out there , just covered by layer of dust and having been ignored for centuries .

    In textbook of Modern physics , there are several physical quantities so called Planck Dimension .These Planck dimensions are consists of certain elementary physical constants as gravitational constant ,reduced Planck constant ,speed of light constant ,Boltzmann constant Physicists treat them so importance as to elevate to elementary constant and give them wonderful mane as :
    Planck Length , l(p) = [Gh- / c^3]^1/2 ≈ 10^-35 m
    Planck Time , t(p) = [Gh- / c^5]^1/2 ≈ 10^-43 s
    Planck Mass , m(p) = [ch- / G]^1/2 ≈ 10^-8 kg
    Planck Temperature , T(p) = [c^5h- / G k(B)^2]^1/2 ≈ 10^+32 K

    Remark : Observation datum for these elementary constant are as below ;
    G = 6.67259e-11 m^3 kg^-1 s^-2.
    h = 6.6260755e-34 Js.
    c = 2.99792458e+8 m s^-1.
    k(B) = 1.380658e-23 J/K.

    Physicists tried to explain physical meaning of these Planck dimensions . So many explanations are made , but failed to grind out ones that convince everyone . For instance , the most popular and famous explanation is that these Planck dimensions are simply those retroactively back to the singularity of the universe which initiated evolution of the universe , they were respectively the most smallest size , the most shortest time and the temperature ever existed of the singularity , but it blind its eye at Planck mass , since this mass is too small to meet Big Bang Theory ‘s theoretical requirement .
    Then , what indeed do these Planck dimensions hint ?
    Who is Mr.Planck ? You’d prefer to tell us at first
    He is something really :

    See Full text at :

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