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Thread: Invisibility and lasers

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    I would like you to settle an argument i am having with a freind about lasers.

    assuming it is possible to create some kind of invisibility device (AKA star trek cloaking), ans assuming it were possible to have some kind of lazer gun (intenified light kind of lazer). the lazer would pass straight through the invisible object without harming it.#

    because a laser is just light, and to be invisible light would have to pass through you.

    another argument, which is basicaly the same is that reflective armour would surely rebound the laser, or at least partialy.

    please settle my nerdy argument!!!

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    Your friend is correct. Even though no one could see you, you would get thoroughly zapped and fried by the laser.

    You cannot assume that invisibility must only be achieved by making someone totally transparent to light. You can get the invisibility effect in other ways such as with perfect camouflage. That is, your outer garment is a perfect match for the wallpaper behind you. In that case, a laser beam might not do you harm but it would certainly not pass through you.


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    You'd probably never be infinity invisible. Some light would still bounce off of you, just not enough for other humans to see.

    If it's Star Trek style cloaking, then most of your body is physically located in another dimension, so the light would miss you. (unless it hit the very tiny part of you that's still located in this dimension to anchor you here... so you don't get lost)
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