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    Hey I dont know if this is the right forum for this but can anyone explain to me in lamens what many worlds interpretation mean?

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    To understand this you must first understand what a quantum superposition is. A particle can exists in two contradictory physical states at the same time - including for example being in two different boxes at the same time. However to each of these is assigned a probability and if you actually check which state the electron is in, the superposition collapses and the particle will be in just one of those states according to the probabilities calculated. Now the hard part to understand is that the electron really is in both states (e.g. in both boxes) at the same time and it is not a matter of simply not knowing which one.

    Everett's Many Worlds interpretations of quantum mechanics eliminates the mathematical discontinuity of a wave collapse (collapse of the superposition) and preserves mathematical determinism by applying the quantum superposition of states to macroscopic things - to everything including the observers.

    In the Schrodinger-cat thought experiement where a cat is hooked up to a quantum measurement device that kills the cat if it measures one state out of a superposition and does not kill the cat when it measures the other state in the superposition, the Many World interpretation says that both results happen at the same time - that you get both the dead cat and an alive cat, and that when the box is open you get both the observer that sees the dead cat and the observer that sees the alive cat.

    So basically mathematical determinism is preserved at the cost of asserting that an infinite number of new worlds are coming into existence all the time. However as far as a single world (with one history) is concerned the physics of these quantum measurement remains just as non-deterministic. In fact it is hard to see what difference this interpretation really makes. All it really does is rename the wave collapse and call it a superposition of observers.

    This is not the interpretation held by the majority of physicists and I think one of the main problems is that it distracts us from the real measurement problem and that is when and why do we cease to have a superposition of states (in our single world history). The most common idea is that the irreversiblity that we see happening plays a role in this. I think there is such an irreversibility inherent in the process of ampligication by which the behavior of a whole ensemble (large number) of particles is affected by the state of a single particle, such as in a quantum measurement.

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    just so i understand is it like in futurama when the profesor puts his universe into a cardboard box and then sits on it it squashes or when he puts his finger into the box and squashes bender he sees his finger squash bender infront of him

    or is it like an add i saw on tv where they said.. imagine you are opening a door into the biggest room in the world and even more strange is that the whole world is in this room.
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