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    Introduction to Feeding Back Theory of the Universe
    ( Third Version )

    Author : Zhiqiang Zhang


    http://<a href="</a>

    Feeding Back Theory of the Universe is a newly developed space time theory which outlines and expounds theoretical basis of physics and cosmology .

    After having been molded and forged elaborately several hundred years , foundation of our physics seem immaculate and infrangible . The frontier battle field of modern physics and cosmology attracts elites from all over the academic world combating with the most frontal academic conundrums with which mankind confronts liking a raging fire , while no one have ever any misgiving and worrisome about safety of the foundation .

    The root of this foundation is definitions of basic physical units and derived physical units , such as , length (m) , time (s) , mass (kg) , thermodynamic temperature (K) , electric current strength (A) , substance amount (mol) , energy (J) , force (N) , magnetic flux (Wb) , magnetic moment (JT^-1) and so on . At present , all text book of physics and all teachers majored physics and physicists consider that all these definitions of physical units are their ultimate physical meaning and ultimate physical expression , there is no further objective implication and semantic description having not been untouched for these physical units .To this regard . whole world , both academic and public , has no objection except for one person .

    This person argues that are these definitions really ultimate ones with which those corresponding objective realities could be utterly reflected in terms of its physical meaning and physical expression ? . He holds a paper in his hand , titled
    Completable Space Time and Default Space Time , and tell everyone that these definitions are indeed not ultimate physical meaning and expression of their objective realities matched , while their objective existence forms and corresponding physical expression are the same one which are their space time structure , called space time configuration (STC) , that is , every physical unit is objectively consists of specific numbers of dimensions of space and time , and also can be expressed by an universal formula .And space time structures of all physical units unify themselves in 10 dimensional space time of the universe . In the paper , it wrote that every physical unit possesses its own space time structure , and can be expressed by different dimensions of space and time , calling such expression for the physical unit as its space time configuration (STC) :

    dimA = B m^a s^-b

    here B is coefficient and B is larger or equal to |G| ,

    |G | is modulus of gravitational constant ,|G| =6.67259e-11 (Observed one) ; .

    a,b = 5,4,3,2,1,0, -1,-2,-3,-4,-5 ;

    m represents one dimension of space and s that of time .

    Example , STC of physical unit of kilogram , joule , power , kelvin is respectively:

    kg = |G|m^3 s^-2 ; J =|G|m^5 s^-4

    W = |G|m^5 s^-5 ; K =22.7773m^4 s^-4

    Through STC analysis over all physical units , we found that the dimensional numbers of space or time for an physical unit which is objectively existence is either large than 0 , equal to or less than 5 without exception . If this situation is universally prevailed within range of whole physics , that is ,

    condition of 5 ≥ |a | ≥ 0 , 5 ≥ |b| ≥ 0 (a ,b are whole number) not being violated ,

    thus we can reasonably say that the universe is composed of 5 dimensional space and 5 dimensional time , in other words , the universe is consists of 10 dimensional space time .

    Another arch component of this foundation is basic physical constant , such as gravitational constant ,Planck constant ,speed of light constant ,Boltzmman constant ,Avogadro constant ,magnetic permeability and permittivity and so on . These constants are indispensable part of the most fundamental law or theorem in physics , also an cornerstone of major branches of physics . Without them , there would be no our physics at all . To this regard , the whole world has no objection either .

    But this guy raises his hand and question everybody if all these most basic physical constants are all equal and equal to 1 in their value , what would it give rise to ?

    It wrote in the paper as saying : through calculations above , we found that all these most basic physical constants all equals and are equal to 1 in their values . … They were all originated from same completable space time (CST) , and just reflections of different aspects of physical properties of the CST . …We have recognized that basic physical constants actually classify into two categories , completable physical constant and default physical constant . Completable physical constant has nothing to do with information modulus of the universe (evolution of the universe ) , it is totally determined by CST ; and remains unchanged constantly . While default physical constant vary along with information modulus of the universe , they have been changing actually .

    Modern cosmological theories as an hypothetical ones vindicate itself by theory of general relativity and quantum theory , and convince almost physicists and cosmologists by its well established predictions proved from observed datum in astronomy and cosmology , also its well compatibility with fundamental principles of physics . It is also standard presentation regarding cosmological research to public by academic world . Public believe in what the academia have said . But it can not figure out even the most basic questions put forward by public within its logical framework , such as , what is evolutionary tendency of the universe ? what is the ultimate evolutionary result of the universe ? How many time will it last for the universe to come into an end ? It can not answer these questions quantitatively . As to some such questions as relationship between general physical properties of the universe and observed datum in micro physics , quantum physics and cryophysics , it dooms to answer it and even never thinks of such connections between them to be existence . Obviously , this categorically is unsatisfied to public . Nevertheless , it is unfair to let it being virtually a local cosmological theory answer such question of general physical property of the universe ,

    We can not simply set forth so many cosmological theories to match each observed data or

    Just a single physical property or several ones of the universe separately to boast human wisdom and talent , while preconditions of these theories are not compatible either totally or at all with , sometimes even contradict from each other . It even worsen the situation to construct basis of its logical framework on unknown or unclear reason . .

    We should have confidence in human capability and wisdom at a level evolved so far by which we can fully understand and grasp whole essence of the universe , and present them wholly , accurately by physical concepts and formula ..

    At the moment , this person stands up and steps forward presenting a paper to everybody , titled General physical Property Equation and Its Mirror Equation of the Universe , and declare that all general physical properties of the universe and all standard values of physical property in micro physics are all originated from same objective reality --- vacuum and past world . We can calculate all of them out just by one single formula . In this paper , total of 21 items of general physical properties and its mirror ones of the universe are calculated and fully conform with those observed datum . Meanwhile , it reveals that all physical properties in micro physics , quantum physics and cryophysics , are actually reflections of general ones of the universe --- its mirror values , and can be calculated out from this equation after choosing an appropriate coefficient . also some basic physical constants can be derived from this formula .

    Up to now , all scientific achievements made by human being could not yet render enough know how to pin point strictly some definitions for most fundamental physical quantity , such as , information , information unit , vacuum , event . All researchers dedicated to natural science , both professionals and amateurs , well know that well-calibrated , well-objective matched definitions of these physical quantities as bottleneck has been blocking human being to make further giant leap in their natural scientific theory . All scientists have recognized that these physical quantities are all objective realities , just only we are unable to scoop them out truly in terms of their ultimate physical meanings and expression .

    Sometimes , some questions raised by public are so simple , naïve , but it indeed point at root of the universe directly . For instance , Where does thing happened in past go ? Does these thing still exist in the universe ? If it does , then what is its end-result and forms of existence ? .

    At the moment , this guy hand over another paper to all of us , titled
    G Bubble Burst and the Universe Being Created . In the paper , these definitions strictly defined are presented --- its space time structure , its STC . By these definitions , this guy boldly actuates physical process of evolution of the universe in theory and get numerous conclusions regarding frontal conundrums of modern physics and cosmology . An equation , called information equation of the universe , qualifying as law of the universe , which govern running of the universe , emerge thoroughly . Finally it pin down a place where past universal events converged and its space time forms of existence are divulged . The universe comes into being from an initial CST , constantly informatiates vacuum into entities , universal events had condensed into masses yielded in the universe . It would take 2.351661113361130…e+35 years for the universe to proceed this process and reform a new CST which will be contains all information of universal events happened , having 0.55e+86 numbers of information units , and exists forever .

    He name this theory as Feeding Back Theory of the Universe .

    Taking advantages of an unique analysis method so called STC analysis , this theory reveals space time standards of basic physical units , unveils space time structure (STC) and space time value (STV) of all physical units or quantities , unifies all physical units and quantity onto 10 dimensional space time structure of the universe , deduces two very useful avenues --- Reciprocal Modulus Theorem and Default Theorem . Therefore , a series of conclusions about frontal questions over physics and cosmology have cascaded out of the theory . All these results are well compatible to fundamental principles of classical physics and modern physics , also its predictions well keep in accordance with observations gotten so far , regardless of some of its predictions even challenge those claims having not been verified by observation yet but drawn from theories of cosmology . Also other conclusions drawn from the theory , eclipsing over those made by physics and cosmology so far , has an outstanding and impressible characters which rationally and logically fuse and resonate instinct reactions and perceptions of human being at large with objective realities of the universe , obviously bearing an attempt to unify objective realities of the universe with human being’s thought and behaviour matched those physical concepts and formula . Undoubtedly this is the ultimate goal for which our physics have been pursuing .

    Meanwhile capitalizing on STC analysis , it depict quantitatively physical process of beginning , evolution , and finality of the universe . Such definitions of basic physical quantities as , vacuum , G bubble , information unit , information , event , information modulus of the universe , are strictly defined . It expose that information is a sort of space time stricture and non substantiated , while universal event is a substantiated form of information .

    An equation so called Information Equation of the Universe is derived from physical process of G bubble burst which divulge that the universe is condensed from all events happened in past , in other word , the universe is composed of vacuum and information .

    This theory at the first time exhibits past world , sum of information of all events happened in past of the universe , in an physical equation expressed mathematically manifests its realistic objectivity . In order to eliminate any doubts about it , some methods by which this past world can be detected are given .

    An physical equations so called General Physical Equation of the Universe yields totally unexpected results which is that all general physical properties of the universe and all standard physical value in micro physics are all originated from same objective reality --- vacuum and past world and can be calculated out just by one single formula . it reveals that all physical properties in micro physics , quantum physics and cryophysics , are actually reflections of general ones of the universe --- its mirror values , and can be calculated out from this equation after choosing an appropriate coefficient . Also some basic physical constants can be derived from this formula .

    Especially , it points out that in darkened universe , there also exists universal events which either represent or reshuffle of those events ever having happened in observed universe .

    All in all , Feeding Back Theory provide such never-seen and formidable physical analytic tool for research of physics and cosmology , it is an new idea which would lead to fundamental changes in concepts from which we view the universe at present .

    See them in detail at author’s webpage ::

    Main works among the website are as below:

    Paper A (Second Version) , Paper B (Second Version) ,Paper C (Second Version) and Paper D are ultimate results of the theory , finished somewhere between 2005---2006 . Titles of these four papers are :

    PaperA(Second Version) : Completable Space Time and Default Space Time

    PaperB(Second Version): Feeding Back Energy Principle and Its Equivalent Mass Forms

    PaperC(Second Version) : G Bubble Burst and the Universe Being Created

    PaperD: General Physical Property Equation and Its Mirror Equation of the Universe

    Essay to Feeding Back Theory of the Universe , finished in May---July , 2006 , total 10pcs available . Titles of each one are :

    Essay 0 : Space Time Standards of the Universe

    Essay 1,Why Are the Most Basic Physical Constants Equal and Equal to 1 ?

    Essay 2,Space Time Structure and Value of Physical Quantities

    Essay 3,Default Theorem

    Essay 4,Energy Fedback Principle and Mass Law

    Essay 5,Equivalent Mass and Unified Expression of Physical Interaction

    Essay 6,A Physical Process of G Bubble Burst and the Universe Being Created

    Essay 7,Physical Properties of the Universe and Its Evolutionary Tendency

    Essay 8,Definition of Information Unit and Information Equation of the Universe

    Essay 9,Past World (PSTR)

    Essay 10,Spirits of the Universe and the Universe Substantiated (not available yet)

    Paper 1 , Paper 2 和Paper 3 lay philosophical foundation of the theory , titles of them are :

    Paper1 : Assumption of Absolute Motion and Feeding Back Principle of Celestial Body

    Paper2 : Anti-Free Falling Motion and Principle of Implicit Work

    Paper3 : e Principle of the Universe

    Recently , the author wrote another popularized version regarding the
    theory , which include 19pcs articles . But at present these articles are just
    avaliable in Chinese at author's webpage . English version of these articles will be available in months to come .

    Thanks for your reading.

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