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Thread: A public letter for the all countries government

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    A public letter for the all countries government
    Dear Mr.President (Prime minister, Premier,Speaker):
    In the last 70 year,in theory's research and experiment-research of atomic-nucleus physics and particle's physics and cosmos-physics,some scholars are all-out promote the "the new dress of Emperor"thought-nihilism thought,using by mistake's method "assumption +inference"(this is a mistake's inference on the foundation of mistake's assumption).So,this only can get big-fallacy.Bigest fallacy is"strong interaction" and"weak interaction"assumptions and their inferences,this is because those scholars mistakenly used Planck-constant(but isnot use Zhong Pingdong constant)in theory's research and experiment-research in atomic-nucleus, and those scholars arenot recog -nize the truth of "the electronics revolves surrounds proton" (the hydrogen-atom has been solid example),so,theory's research and experiment-research all walk towards for nihilistic's road-this is a death's road.This make the natural science walk for death. Because some scholars self-appointed are hegemony,fallacy is become truth by some scholars,and all promote monopolize, wildly and hotly maintenance fallacy and demolish the truth,the academic world change became slave-society,so,havenot democracy and freedom, havenot discussion and debate, only have everything one's own way and rule by the voice of one man alone. Some academy of science、some University、newspaper and magazine frantic larish praise on scholastic-overlord, only permit existence of main- current school of thought,and blockade and strangle new theory,this is monopolize,this is supporting slave's system of academic world.
    Very sorry,some experiment-scientists arenot objectively to research every kind of defferent theories and objectively to carry out experiment,and isnot objectively to treat monopolize,they only follow behind the main-current school of thought,make every effort to make experiment fair to middling with theory of main-current school of thought, they are not work for people or the truth,and they are follow the "authority" for personal benefits and personal position, they are work for monopolize's school of thought and hegemony,they are demolish science and demolish truth.Therefore,in experiment which particle's punch bombardment target-atom or encounter of among particle-banch,experiment's design、experiment's process、experiment's examine、data's collects、imitate's calculation、……、experiment’s result、the experiment’s reports,all practice “assumption+inference”,factitiously taking or rejecting data and factitiously have to make with data, factitiously make complate deceiful “experiment result” and “experiment reports”,this is all “publicly fraud”. These laboratorieses are all use people’s money of blood and sweat to proof “the new dress of the Emperor” and to find color and the kind and number of the “new dress”, this is using deceitful “experiment result” to support “nihilism” and exterminate the truth and exterminate the science,this is stupid and ament,this is complete delinquent in duty, this is betray for people and truth ,this is committing crime for people!
    Everybody knows, these experiments want to spend the money of large quantity,these money are the hard-earned(blood and sweat)money of taxpayerses,however some scholars in experiment to the large quantity wasted,having more than thousand dollars of hundred millions! Go to the proof “the new dress of the Emperor” with more than thousand dollars of hundred millions,is this a cachinnation words and big lie?The government of the appropriation is supporting the big lie and is endangering people!
    Should responsible for people! Should responsible for the taxpayer! Prohibit to waste people property in the large quantity,must stop the experiment that deceive yourself as well as others immediately!
    The government should have responsible for people,should stop immediately to the appropriation of these laboratorieses,end 80’s years’ big lie!
    Usage “assumption+ inference” method,the important isnot “proof real”,and is “proof false”. The science-world isnot make “vacuum-mathematics new religion”,isnot persist in “mathematics-idealism”. The experiment wants to responsible for people and truth, donot want to serve for big fallacy.
    Save science,but the truth of science is: ⒈ in theories of atomic nucleus and particle’s theory,can use Zhong Pingdong constant (Zhong Pingdong constant is Z=4.5 -6.0*10-36J•S),can never use again the Planck constant. ⒉ In atomic nucleus physics, the electronics revolves surround the protor,10-11m→hydrogen atom, 10-15m→neutron. These is just the truth!
    Can read: ⒈Pingdong Zhong ,Microchemistry,1993,HongKong Xuntong Publishing Co.
    ⒉ Pingdong Zhong,Microphysics,2003,HongKong Xinhua color Printing publication Co.
    Thank you.
    Address:Pingdong Zhong, Liang Qiuju middle school, Daliang, Shunde , Guangdong, People’s Republic of China
    Your sincerely:
    Pingdong Zhong
    七十年来,在原子核物理和粒子物理及宇宙物理的理论研究和实验研究中,一些学者大肆推行 “皇帝的新衣”思想——虚无主义思想,错误地使用 “假设 + 推论 ”的方法 (在错误假设的基础上予以错误的推论) ,就只能得到大谬论,最大的谬论是“强相互作用”与“弱相互作用”的假设以及它们的推论。 这是由于学者们错误地把普朗克常数(而不是用钟平东常数)用于原子核内的理论与实验研究中,加上学者们又不 承认“电子绕质子运转”的真理(氢原子已是实例),因此,理论研究与实验研究走上了死亡道路— —虚无主义道路。这使自然科学走上毁灭。由于一些学者以学阀学霸自居,将谬论当作真理,又在学术界搞垄 断,狂热地维护谬论和毁灭真理,把学术界变成了奴隶社会,没有民主与自由,没有讨论和争论,只有一家独鸣。 而一些科学院、大学、报纸与杂志又狂热地追随学阀学霸,大力维护学术垄断和学术专制,把不同学术理论全压下 去,实施学术封锁,维护学术界的奴隶制,更使科学走向毁灭。
    非常遗憾,一些实验科学人员不是客观地对待各种不同理论和客观地进行实验,也不能客观地对待学术垄断与学术 专制,而是紧跟主流学派,极力使实验去凑合主流派的理论,他们不是为人民为真理服务,而是为了眼前的个人利 益与个人地位而追随“权威”,为垄断学派和学阀学霸效劳,不惜毁灭真理和毁灭科学。因此,在粒子束 冲击靶原子的实验及粒子束对撞实验中,在实验设计、实验过程、实验检测、数据收集、模拟计算、…… 实验结果、实验报告,全实行“假设+推论”,人为地取舍数据和人为地凑合数据,人为地制造完全虚假 的“实验结果”,这都是“公开的骗局”。这些实验室是用人民的血汗钱去证明“皇帝的新 衣”的存在及寻找“新衣”的件数和花色种类,这是用虚假的“实验结果”去维护“虚 无主义”和消灭真理消灭科学,这是愚蠢和白痴,是完全失职,是对人民对真理的背叛,是对人 民犯罪!
    大家知道,这些实验要花大量钱,这些钱是纳税人的血汗钱,却被一些学者在实验中大批地浪费了,有好几千亿美 金吧!用几千亿美金去证明“皇帝的新衣”,这不是大笑话大骗局?拨款的政府在支持大骗局,这是在危 害人民!
    使用“假设+推论”的方法时,重要的不是“证实”,而是“证伪”。科学界不要搞 真空—数学新宗教”,不要搞数学唯心主义。实验要对真理对人民负责,不要为大谬论效劳 。
    挽救科学 ,而科学的出路在:1,在原子核内理论及粒子理论中,只能用钟平东常数(钟平东常数Z=4.5~6.0*1 0-36焦·秒),决不能再用普朗克常数。 2 ,在原子核物理中,电子绕质子运转,在10-11米→氢原子,在10-15米→中子。这些才是真理!
    可参阅:1,钟平东 ,微观化学, 1993 年元月 ,香港讯通出版社
    2, 钟平东, 微观物理学, 2003 年元月 , 香港新华彩印出版社


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    I haven't gotten to reading your post yet, but if you want to send an effective message, I would recommend writing it with proper punctuation and grammar.

    edit: try as I may, I cannot decipher your letter.

    "In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move." -- Douglas Adams
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    you not the only one.

    man my eyes hurt from even attempting to read that.
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    I would use my mod powers to add a few line breaks in there, but I fear I might become unstable and throw my laptop while trying.
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