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Thread: liquid nitrogen and superconductor

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    Can someone please explain (the basics) of what is going on here?

    Many thanks


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    You are sseing a demonstration of magnetic levitation by the Meissner effect. An explanation can be found over here:

    The technique is useful in small-scale labs or classrooms for those trying to develop new ceramic superconducting materials. If you can achieve this magnetic levitation, you have successfully produced a superconductor.


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    As known, the resistance of metal origins from the scattering due to the lattices's vibration.
    Under some one critical temperature, these electrons which flow in the material, like one metal conductor, will be condensed in the momentum space. We say, an electron will attract another one by emitting or incepting phonons. They become one pair and these electrons become "these pairs".
    Because of the formation of pairs, there is no scattering, or you can say there is no resistance in metal conductor, that's superconductor

    another important character of superconductor is fully diamagnetic. under the applied magnetic field, superconductor will produce circle current. and then an inductive magnetic field opposite to the applied field is birth. because the current persists due to no resistance, the inductive magnetic field will always exists.

    As to the liquid helium, two helium molecules attacte due to "Bose-Einstain condensation", so when the helium pairs flow, there is no resistance to damp them.
    subject in Field-induced of superconducting film
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