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    Okay, so I'm a new guy, and i may not have a degree in physics, but anyways.

    About two years ago i had a 'unoriginal' theory that if a a Tachyon field is somehow projected around a object, then that object will be capable of traversing through space at light speed without succumbing to the effects of relativity.

    Unfortunately i later discovered that even though Tachyons are capable of traveling at faster than light (if they even exist for that matter); they're still under the effects of Relativity; At least this is what i've heard, so correct me if i've heard wrong.

    At any rate, earlier today I had an idea; Anybody ever heard of the Philadelphia Experiment? where they tried to make a ship invisible, but instead it possibly went to another dimension altogether?
    I'm well aware that the Story is regarded as a hoax ( but then again; what isn't these days )

    Basically the story suggests that when the ship 'disappeared' at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, the ship, was alleged to be spotted in Norfolk (which is just over 346 km away) just after the ship vanished.

    Now, here's what I'm thinking, i don't know the physics or the sciences involved with the experiment, but what if the same stuff was used in space travel?

    Of course, there's obvious risks to this, considering that some crew of the ship involved were later found to be Between decks after it re-appeared.

    This could just be some boyish fantasy for all I care, but hey, might as well try

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