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Thread: objects can't share a coordinate

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    ... but much rather can have multiple coordinates at the same time

    Direct evidence to this statement is light, which time position does not change, but still moves.
    When light is emitted from the sun it will reach in a time of 0 a certain distance which I will call position U. let us assume that position U is greater than the distance from the sun to the surface of earth. If light is then emitted from the sun in the direction to earth, the light ray should never meet the surface of earth since it is less than U, light would be much more on position U than being absorbed on the surface of earth.

    Fortunately there is an explanation. We all know that light rays are unable to travel though brick walls; they are absorbed, reflected or bent by matter.
    The answer is simple, light moves from space unit 1 to space unit 2 (1 calculation, the slowest speed an object can have.) in 0 time.
    Then it moves from space unit 2 to space unit 3 in 0 time. This goes on till it is absorbed reflected or reaches position U. then light moves from time-position 1 to time position 2.
    Each step of light towards position U in 0 time is calculated.

    Another example:
    if object A is x2 as fast as object B, while object B moves 1 space unit per 1 space time.
    And if object A at position 1, after 1 time unit will reach position 3, does this mean that it never was at position 2?
    Then, if we add another object C, which is at position 2 and is 1x1 space unit big, will object A never have collided with object C?

    no, the way we know it how for instance a computer program, emulates movement, while adding a certain amount to the x axis, reality functions at another kind.

    Of course I cannot know what is being calculated, the formula of matter, but I can know how many times it is calculated.

    So object A will therefore be at the same time, at 2 positions, position 2 and 3.

    Time/space unit: I define this as the smallest unit definable in dimensions. thought only for examples.

    I haven't come to fight my word, but to find the truth.
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