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Thread: An interpretation about space and time in quantum mechanics

  1. #1 An interpretation about space and time in quantum mechanics 
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    An interpretation about space and time in quantum mechanics

    There was a repeated experiment where at first, two protons are
    joined and of opposite spins.
    Then, the second is taken far away, and it is acted upon the first
    to modify its spin.
    The second proton will change its spin to keep it the opposite
    of the spin of the first.
    For further details :

    Now, if you will assume with me that we can apply the set theory ZFU
    to physical space, U (urelements, non sets)) being physical space, you will see
    that we get an interpretation of the experiment.

    Indeed, as it is not possible to define a usual distance in U, the second
    proton will not be any more far away from the first.

    Also, if we consider time to be U, we cannot say that the protons
    were separated a long time ago and that there should be no more
    influence. [...]
    There was another repeated experiment with a photon, expected to go one
    way, going both two quite separated ways.
    Here, again, if we assume something else about space, the two ways
    would be not that much separated.
    Adib Ben-Jebara.

    Adib Ben Jebara


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    I'm not really sure where yer headed, or what yer poll has to do with yer post...

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