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Thread: Perfect Sphere and light theory

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    Just a quick inquiry about the nature of light and a sphere.

    Suppose, hypothetically, that one were to posses a perfect sphere, the inside of which is hollow and perfectally reflective to light.

    Assume: 1) 99.999% reflective 2) 100% reflective

    Now supose, again hypothetically, that one were to somehow introduce into the sphere a single photon without at all breaching the surface of said sphere.

    What would happen to the photon? Would it remain contained in some form of luminesence/nonluminesence, or, would it somehow dissipate from containmament at the speed of light?

    Any ideas?

    My crew and I are curreltly in the Gamma quadrant and we are dealing with a new entity, but not sure how to contain it. We have only one shot at capturing it and if we fail, we may never restore the timeline; all will be lost ....long story.

    Thanks for any and all input.

    Capt. Campbell

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    Here are my thoughts, Captain:

    1. 100% reflective - impossible. For any surface/substance to be 100% reflective would imply that it interacted with the photon but made no change whatsoever to it - no matter how many such interactions occur.

    2. 99.999999...% reflective would have to imply, in the case of a single photon, that the chance of absorption was (100 - 99.99999....)%. So there will be a finite number of reflections before, finally, the photon is aborbed by the material of the sphere. The more reflective, the longer it will take, but, given that it's moving at the speed of light, for any 'human'-sized sphere (say average distance between reflections of 1 metre) there will be 3 x 10<sup>8</sup> reflections every second. The absorption will seem instantaneous.



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