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    A couple of years ago i watched a television show about how you can put a light beam into a prism and split the beam into two separate beams and if a mirror is placed in front of one of the beams the other will bend as if there was a mirror in front of it, a couple of years prier to that i watched a television show
    on how to mix two different colored beams, but invisible to the nacked eye, to get a visible dot. i then designed a device that uses the two technologies to make a 3d television.

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    It sure sounds interesting (in a bizarre sense) but I don't see how splitting and combination of "light beams" create a 3D image. You need to start out with (at least) two video streams taken from different perspectives (one for each eye). That's easy enough to do, using two cameras. The key of any successful 3D video technology lies in the way these two image streams are projected to the viewer's left and right eye, respectively. A number of techniques has been out there for several decades, using red/green decompositions, polarization, synchronization (shutter glasses), and so on. They all have one caveat that makes 3D video very unattractive to most viewers: To view it you need to wear a device (special glasses). There are other techniques which do not require glasses, e.g. think of those post cards using two interlaced images beneath a rippled plastic surfaces to give each eye access to the respective image by refraction. Another example are holographic images. However, those methods usually provide only a modest 3D effect, only work well when viewed from a certain position, and/or are not directly applicable to TV (holograms).

    Care to elaborate how your method solves those problems?

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    Quote Originally Posted by allmee
    i then designed a device that uses the two technologies to make a 3d television.
    Have you built the device? If not, why not? If so, did it work? If it worked why are you not marketing it?
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    Give us links or graphic please. I read in the FHM (I know), about future 3d tv's currently in the pipeline. Is your devise better or the same as these devises?
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