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    Hi there. I am currently learning about magnetic fields, and I have some questions I don't feel my book explained adequately.

    What is a magnetic field? Does it have a mass? Is it made of particles constantly moving from the south pole to the north pole along lines of flux? Are these particles electrons? If so, could a magnet be considered an electromotive force of a constant electrical current surrounding and flowing through the magnet?

    I am pretty sure my questions will not make much sense since I don't yet have a very solid understanding of the subject, but I am trying. :-D

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    A magnetic field is, along with an electric field, a component of an electromagnetic field (light).

    The field itself does not have any mass. It is in fact a vector field - that is it will have a vector quantity at every point in space. Each vector holds information about the strength of the magnetic force, and its alignment at that given point. collectively these vectors are often represented by a set of field (or flux) lines, mainly for a visual aid. Although a moving charge will create its own magnetic field, the magnetic field itself will not have any current flowing along its flux lines.

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