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    assume an 80 mF capacitor is initially connected to a 9V battery. The battery is then removed and a wire is connected between the two terminals of the capacitor. What is the charge on the capacitor after the wire is connected?

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    Assuming the capacitor was fully charged before the battery was disconnected, then the voltage across it would be equal to that of the battery, 9V.

    Q = CV the charge across the capacitor would be,

    Q_initial = (80*10^-3)*9
    = 0.72 C

    The charge on the capacitor after the wire is connected is given by the expression:

    Q = Q_initial *e^(-t/CR)


    t = time
    C = capacitance = 0.08F
    R = resistance of wire

    You can see, the charge is a function of the load resistance, and the time as well as the initial charge.

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