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    Does anyone really understand the atomic theory , for me it seems a little abstract. In atomic theory, it is said that when electron get far away from the nucleus it's potential of being attractd towards the nucleus decreases, but as we take the other view,we can simultaneously say that because electron move it produces magnetic field and say that it gets attracted towards the other elctron moving in same direction and hence say that its attraction not decreasing.

    If at all i am not upto date with the extra information , it did be very kind of you replying back.

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    Yes, everyone understands atomic structure and atomic theory. But there are various levels of understanding. Many people are quite content knowing only the old-fashioned Bohr model of the atom; they have no use for anything further.

    OIther people need to know a bit more, perhaps whatever is enough to help them understand chemical bonding. They need not go deeper, not into quantum stuff.

    Your problem is that you are trying to get a grip on advanced knowledge while trying to bypass the fundamentals. Even if someone tries to answer your question in your own terms you will still be no better off. You must learn the fundamentals.

    I'll simply answer your question by saying that it takes energy to withdraw an electron from an atom. The atom then seeks to give back that energy by acquiring an electron -- any electron. Forget about magnetic fields. Atoms simply prefer to remain in the lowest energy state.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveF
    Forget about magnetic fields. Atoms simply prefer to remain in the lowest energy state.
    Because that it prefer to remain in an area where the spin of the electron is equal to its surrounding bosons? Or was that wrong SteveF, I am merely testing around here.
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