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Thread: spin angular dipole momentum of the electrons

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    do the electrons have spin angular dipole momentum? (In classical mechanics, the spin angular momentum of a body is associated with the rotation of the body around its own center of mass)

    Thank you.

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    a reality you have all yet to properly explain
    Mathematics is a tool we use to define things, like space and time (if that sounded really simple, I'm sorry).

    The tricky thing is when we use mathematics to define FUNDAMENTAL CONSTRUCTS of space and time.

    Ultimately, we need to employ a mathematics that is actually WIRED to a pure base of space and time.

    To answer the question of electrons and their spin and their angular momentum, using a mathematics that previously defined spin and angular momentum in regard to rather massive objects (compared to atomic constructs) is a little weird to say the least..........because it implies that we operate, as humans, like atoms.

    That would be OK, namely operating like atoms as humans, if that atomic science defined a theory of perception, our perception, relevant to space-time..........but in the absence of a theory like that, as I have found in this forum, your question is a little difficult to answer.

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