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    is the nucleus of an atom spherical in shape? if yes why is it so?

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    a reality you have all yet to properly explain
    The nucleus of an atom is not spherical in shape.

    The nucleus of an atom represents a BEST FIT scenario of bunched protons and neutrons from atomic number 1 up to 114 or so.

    Basically, protons and neutrons are as though they are points each of certain characteristic that have been folded onto one another. As an atom grows in proton and neutron number, their bunching together becomes exactly that.

    To say a nucleus is spherical in shape, well, maybe also you need to define the "concept" of a sphere in relation to the atomic points (it's fairly difficult thing to do, but doable).

    As an atom grows in atomic number, it becomes more unstable (many theories, pure theories, abound that explain why). A sphere is meant to be a perfect "construct", and so to say that the nucleus is spherical is to say the concept of a sphere becomes fragmented, more unstable, the more an atomic nucleus grows...........which isn't the case, because technically the nucleus is not a sphere.

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