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    Why would we not be able to percieve other dimensions?

    If a dimension is too small to measure (err w/e) then at the right "scale" would it not just be a 3d dimension with microscopic size?

    I dont understand how "other" dimensions could exist without us realizing it.

    Or maybe our brains just simplify our universe into a more manageable "frame", but i just cant see other dimensions existing without being a tiny "part" of a bigger dimension, but then again dimensions are just divisions of a "whole" (universe) , so there could be infinite dimensions.

    And if dimensions are length width height and time (motion)
    does that mean that you could put the universe into a spherical shape, and any point on the outside to an end-point inside could be considered a "dimension"?

    LOL for some reason i feel like reading up on string theory.

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