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Thread: My first theory of everything

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    There is only one universe. It is a universe that contains near infinite dimensions within itself.
    The universe is the omni dimension in which all dimensions are a part of. They overlap each
    other and flow through each other creating phases in which particles exist. At the base of these
    dimensions are individual particles that have infinite density.

    Every IDP(infinitely dense particle) is a possible dimension of the omni dimension. In order to become an alternate
    these particles must be smashed by another IDP.
    These collisions cause the already enormous gravity of IDP particles to exceed the limit of the dimensional barriers causing them to warp shift into
    alternate dimensions in which there infinite density is broken up into more IDP particles each having
    the same properties as there origin.

    Black holes are warp shifts caused by the coalescence of massive amounts of IDP particles. They are the result of dimensions attempting to phase shift back into there
    original particle perspective and or dimension. Because they can be created from a mere
    smashing of IDP particles we can assume that there are in fact trillions of black holes and alternate dimensions warping in and out of existence
    all around us at any given time.

    In order to answer the question of how our dimension came into existence through the big bang
    the above three paragraphs must be combined.

    Before the big bang our dimension and everything in it was a part of an IDP or infinitely dense particle
    in another dimension. Then another IDP impacted it causing
    it to warp shift into the dimension we know today. Kind of like pushing a tiny ball through
    an even smaller hole and having it explode as it arrives on the other side. Sooner or later this dimension
    will be sucked back to its origin through the black holes formed by the coalescence of more IDP particles which formed when the original IDP exploded.

    If you have any questions about this theory please ask and I will be more then happy to answer them.

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    Two questions to get the ball rolling:
    1) How do you get something that is 'near infinite'?
    2) Would you define a dimension please?

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    Ok this is how it goes

    Dimension- A single perspective in which from perspective A, reference A is viewed as reference A and which from perspective B, reference A is viewed as reference B. Basically-- At the same time if I look at a ball and it is red and you look at that same ball and it is blue then we are in different dimensions mind you we are in different dimensions from the start.

    As you go down the line from large to small, dust particle to atom to even smaller eventually you will reach a particle that cannot be broken down into a smaller particle other then smaller portions of itself.
    Now if you analyze this IDP(infinitely dense particle) you will find that because of its density its mass is infinite and thus any portion of itself is also infinite. The weird part-when this particle is impacted by another particle like itself it will warp shift(best word for it i could come up with)into an alternate dimension. TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT BASICALLY EVERY IDS PARTICLE IN THE UNIVERSE IS ACTUALLY MADE UP OF EVERY OTHER IDS PARTICLE IN THE UNIVERSE AND ARE EACH CONNECTED TO AN ABOVE AND BELOW DIMENSION THROUGH THERE IMMENSE DENSITIES.

    Im not sure if you can understand this but from what I have seen and experienced in my life this seems to be the only explanation as to how everything came to be. There is alot more to it however and if I decided to write it all out it would take a long time.
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    Well there's usually a problem when you take words with accepted definitions and use them to mean entirely different things. Usually modified words or new words are created for new concepts. Perhaps instead of "dimension" you should use a more descriptive term, or make up a new one. I suggest "Snorglehossenhorf". It would make a lot more sense i think without confusing terminology.
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