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Thread: (Gause Rifle + Space)/Law of Newton = WHAT?

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    Okay so I am making this 3D space fighting scene in which this GIANT CRAFT shoots its main gun.

    The gun will look like a gause rifle (Or Rail Gun) and I was wondering if the 3rd Law of Newton will make the Giant Craft be push back?

    Many friends (which may not be so smart) keep telling me that because the projectile is being push by magnets it wouldn't push the ship back. But that doesn't make sense.

    Anyways... this GIANT GUN is going to be massive so at lease if the 3rd Law of Newton does affect the Space Craft it should recoil? Right?

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    You are right and your friends are wrong, the ship would recoil.

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    Janus is right, as the magnets pull the projectile forward, the resting inertia of the projectile would in turn pull back on the ship.
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    In fact, a mass driver (anything similar to a rail or coil gun) has been considered as a propulsion device. You can use conservation of momentum to work out how hard it'll push back, but if the gun's muzzle velocity exceeds about .14*c you'd have to use the relativistic formulas (IIRC).
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