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    I moved this topic here from the experimentation section because i wasent getting any hits!

    On November 1969 Amateur Scientist magazine published and article on how to convert an old refrigerator into a gas liquefier. Sounded interesting. So the next time I heard someone was throwing out an old window-mount air conditioner (which operates off of the same principles) I nabbed it.
    Basicly the process involves filling it with a different refrigerant and modifying the diameters of a few key copper tubes.
    Any ideas? anyone done this before? I think it would be pretty sweet/handy to have a liquid air suply at my disposal!

    I took off the outer covering of the unit and found out that the main capacitor for the compressor and fan was completely blown. A new one costs about 40-50 bucks! Fortunatly its a pretty common model and Im making a trip to the landfill tomarrow for some quality dumpster diving.

    well it turns out I may have hit a fatal error in the project. With freon 12 in the ac unit the coldest i can achive would be about 20 F. the vapor pressure of the freon is about 83 psi at room temp. this means..i think.. that in order for the compressor to turn the gas into a liquid again it must pressurize the gas to 83 psi. In order to achive colder temps i have to put a different refrigerant in the system. CO2 would be a good choice except the vapor pressure is about 834 psi which probably would accually cause the whole thing to explode!! Idealy i would put helium in it since that would probably get me not far from absolute zero! but the pressure inside the system would then be..calculating..many hundreds of thousands of psi! and thats just not going to happen .. so!.. i think im just going to fix it and stick it in the garage for hot summer days
    Any other ideas before i scrap the whole project?

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