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Thread: Help With Van de graff generator

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    ok so this is my first post. i think i got it in the right place.
    im making a vandegraff generator.
    ive got the motor,
    i took one out of an old fan that didnt really work anymore. the motor is fine tho.
    but im having some trouble coming up with what to use as pullies and a belt.
    preferably something i can pick up at a home depot or lowes.
    i have an old plastic spool of magnet wire. its plastic. can i use this as one of my pullies?

    also ive been reading a few different sites. one says the time wire must be touching the belt while the other is very close.
    and another says to make them both very close to touching the belt.
    which is true?

    my main concern right now is ideas for belts.
    its not going to be a very large generator. maybe a couple feet at most.

    on and any suggestions on the dome would be awesome.
    hope to get some replies before i head out tomorrow morning to look.

    thanks for reading my post.

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    ok so i got some teflon tape from a hardware store and used it to replace the scotch tape i was using on the bottom roller.
    but now the charge dropped to noting,

    the bottom roller is teflon tape the top is glass and im using a rubber band... whats going on.

    i get no charge at all from the teflon tape.
    its not even that the charge didnt change.
    it vanished... i dont know whats going on.
    some help is appreciated.

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