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Thread: annual energy use of a person and a lightbulb

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    Hi, I have been having a discussion about this question with some friends and felt I should hear what others have to say.

    How much energy (in terms of joules) does one person in the US averagely use in a year, and how about a 30W light bulb? Thanks for your help.

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    i don't know the figures, but apparently a man is supposed to use about 2500 calories a day, so you could work that out for years and then convert into joules if you like. the light bulb, how long is it on for in a year? maybe 6 hours a day average? 3600 second in an hour, 6 hours a day for 365 days, find how many seconds in a year and multiply by 30 to find the total energy in joules. You can do the 'math', let me know what you get, i'd be interested to know.

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    Average annual electric consumption per U.S. household (in 2001): 10,656 kilowatt hours (source: EIA).

    A 30 watt bulb burning continuously uses 365*24*30/1000= 263 kw-hr or about 2 1/2 percent of the total average annual usage.
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