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Thread: ticker tape experiment

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    I did the ticker tape experiment.

    Made a ramp, attached ticker tape to the end of a cart, thread the tape through the ticker timer, let the cart roll down the ramp ^.^''

    My question; lets say my ramp had an imperfection, like a bumb or groove. How would that show up on my ticker tape? What would it look like?

    And also the experiment was designed to compensate for the effect of friction. Can you explain how this was done?

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    I remember getting into trouble doing that one in school, me and my friend unravelled an entire roll of tape, it was all over the class room; at one point we had our ramp vertical and dropped the car off the table, it broke and made the teacher cry.

    Anyway, the bump would slow the car down from the speed that it would have had if it hadn't of hit the bump. If you know where the bump is you could measure the length on the ramp from start line to the bump, and then find the same length on your tape. What happens to the spacing of the dots?

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