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    A volume Vi = 28.1 L of air at temperature T = 25 °C is compressed at constant temperature to a volume Vf = 7.3 L. The relative humidity of the air before compression is H = 64.0 %. The saturated vapour pressure of water at this temperature is 3.17 kPa, corresponding to a vapor density ρw = 23.0 g m–3.

    a) What is the partial pressure of the water vapour in the air before compression?
    b) What is the factor by which each non-condensing component of air (e.g. oxygen , nitrogen, etc) has its partial pressure increased in the compression?
    c) What would be the density of water vapour in the air following compression if it behaved like an ideal gas instead of experiencing partial condensation?
    d) What is the density of water vapour in the air following compression?
    e) What mass of water condenses out because of the compression?

    Any ideas? Im hard out stuck on this one

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