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Thread: Theories of Parallel or Multi Universes

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    I understand that the idea of a multiverse has some controversy to it, but I'm using it as part of a plot device. I've been trying to read up on the general idea, but the more I read, the more confused I get. Even the simple articles assume I have some degree of scientific knowledge beyond pop culture.

    I think I'm better off focusing on just one theory and I think that should be the most, uh... plausible. Or the most popular, though I guess that would amount to the same thing.
    Which one would that be?

    Story wise, I'd like to work with whichever one assumes universes are stacked like dinner plates in the cupboard. The brane-theory, if I'm remembering the wiki right?
    But I'm open to other options.

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    It would be the most interesting phenomena if there are parallel universes in which laws of nature radically different from what we know. For example, universes in which there is a conscious life, but no evil or suffering as we know it.

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    As we know very little about our own universe then what might lie beyond is all speculation.

    We don't know what our universe is, why it should be nearly all expanding 'empty space'.
    We don't know why it bothers to exist.
    We don't know whether it came out of 'nothing' or 'something'.
    We don't know its shape.
    We don't know why it's expanding and arguably we don't know what it's expanding into.
    We don't know why the very small amount of matter in it is nearly all made of what we call quarks and electrons.
    We don't know why it should have 3 spatial dimensions plus time.
    We don't know what time is.
    We don't know why it should support a life form (us) which asks questions about it.
    We don't know why changes to life forms produce evolution on our planet.

    So it's getting ahead of ourselves to start asking what lies beyond.
    If there is an answer that our limited brains are capable of understanding it is likely to be far stranger than parallel or multi universes.
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