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Thread: The limits of the physics

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    I need to know how planck calculated the limits of physics.
    Because I don't think that there is any limits.
    Take a cube for example cut it in 8 new cube.
    I think that we cant see what is realy small but there is always smaller thing.

    If i think wrong give me some argu

    what the limits of physic?
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    To arrive at planck units is a simple case of redefining units so that the gravitational constant, dirac constant, coulomb constant, boltzmann's constant and the speed of light are all 1. At this scale you cannot ignore general relativity effects or quantum effects so its the area of quantum gravity etc.

    To see why this length scale is important takes a bit of hand waving. The basic idea is to see how small you can squeeze a bit of mass until it forms a black hole small enough that quantum mechanics is required to describe it. It turns out that the smallest mass is the planck mass squeezed into a sphere of planck length in radius.

    As is often the case with technical subjects we are presented with an unfortunate choice: an explanation that is accurate but incomprehensible, or comprehensible but wrong.
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