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Thread: How to understand observed electric quadrupole moment of deuteron?

  1. #1 How to understand observed electric quadrupole moment of deuteron? 
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    Deuteron is p-n, so naively should have zero electric quadrupole moment. However, experimentally it turns out quite large: 0.2859 e⋅fm2 from

    This Wikipedia article explains it by adding l=2 angular momentum states - should we imagine it as a hidden dynamics?

    Maybe as oscillations between 'pn' and 'np' by some pi+ exchange? (but shouldn't it make it a linear antenna producing EM waves?)

    To describe e.g. deuteron-proton scatterings they neglect quark structure, but require three-body force ( - would including quarks into considerations allow to focus only on two-body forces?

    But what happens with quarks when biding proton and neutron into deuteron? I am working on soliton particle model suggesting that there is a shift of charge from proton to neutron for binding of deuteron, like uud-udd slightly shifting quark u toward right, d toward left - is such explanation of quadrupole moment allowed (e.g. by QCD)?

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