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    Some thoughts and lots of questions about superfluids! Seriously, I have no Internet for a while and would love to have a conversation with someone on topics like this. (My family who posts for me promises to mail me more articles on superfluids, so I can better carry my side of the conversation.) I appreciate hearing your thoughts on any of these questions!

    Can superfluids pass through an infinitely long, one-atom-wide tube without losing any momentum?

    Do superfluids have literally zero viscosity or just an extremely minute amount?

    Do superfluids remain perfect, unbroken streams -- no matter how small of a nozzle they're sprayed out of, or is it possible to mist them? Is it even possible to spray or pour them through the air at all, or will they just wick up the outside of the hose or container no matter what?

    What if pumped at some absurd GPM like 1,000 through a 1-atom-wide hose pointing straight down (assuming that they can be pumped)?
    Can any pumps even work on fluid without viscosity?

    If a superfluid was somehow introduced to the air (say by magic), would it ever be affected by any amount of wind, even the strongest on record on any planet?
    What about a hypothetical Earth's atmosphere at the highest pressure it can remain a gas at while blowing at Mach 100? Would that alter the path of a superfluid or change its momentum at all? Assuming none of the above environments would heat the superfluid enough to change its phase (is a room temperature superfluid even technically possible? If not, assume we're trying all of the above with some anyways, or that it is somehow kept from heating).

    Is it possible to heat a superfluid by vibration or friction, or does that require viscosity? Are convection and radiation the only ways to heat it?

    Could lasers be used to keep it cool enough in the above scenarios to remain superfluid?

    Please reply to any of this

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