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Thread: BREAKING: New potentially habitable exoplanet found around Teegarden's star

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    Astronomers have discovered a potentially habitable exoplanet around Teegarden's Star.

    Teegarden is an old red dwarf star 12 light-years away in the Aries constellation.

    The exoplanet found, called Teegarden b, has a minimum mass almost identical to Earth.

    It orbits within the star's habitable zone. And it has a 60% chance of having a temperate surface environment.

    Surface temperature should be closer to 28°C assuming a similar terrestrial atmosphere.

    Teegarden b is the exoplanet with the highest Earth Similarity Index discovered so far: 95%.

    This means that it has the closest mass and insolation to terrestrial values.


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    Hmmmm, havent you done this type of seagull posting before? Short news blurb followed by a link to your youtube and no discussion here at all???

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